Goodwood 7A Hickory Drum Stick Wood Tip


Hickory Drumsticks with Wood Tips – 7A

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Balanced and Budget-friendly Sticks
These Goodwood 7A drumsticks are made from hickory, a great wood for harder hitting styles. Its heavier feel makes the sticks more stable and less prone to breaking. These Goodwood 7A sticks are weighted toward the tip, aiding in fast attack and response from your drums. And Sweetwater drummers love the wood tips, which help enhance your attack. At such a great price, you need to fill your stick bag with these Goodwood 7A drumsticks.

Goodwood 7A Drumsticks Features:
1 pair of hickory drumsticks
Made from popular hickory wood
Wood tip offers a mellower sound
Weighted for fast attack
These Goodwood 7A drumsticks are a great way to always have a new pair at hand.

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